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Tired of Din Shagna Da? Here Are 5 Best Indian Bridal Entry Songs For Your 2020 Wedding

It is time to finalise a bridal entry song that is suitable for your grand and magical entry. Seriously, don’t leave it to the DJ, they do random stuff like putting cringe-worthy songs like “pari pari, hai ek pari, aasman se aa giri“! Umm.. not happening!

To help you with the same, we have listed top 5 bridal entry songs in 2020, to make this special moment of yours even more beautiful. You’re bound to cherish it for life! See what kind of bride you ought to be on your big day, and save the list!

Bollywood Entry Songs For the Romantic Bride

Looking for an apt entry song for bride to express your love for the man standing on the stage? Well, we’ve got you covered! These songs below are full of love and will make the guests go ‘aww’, once the DJ starts playing any one of them. Trust us, the groom won’t stop blushing!

Afreen Afreen Coke Studio Version

This one’s our forever favourite bridal entry song ! Not only is it a classic song, but Momina Noor’s vocals are absolutely perfect for a bride’s entry. We know this has been done to death in past few years, but its still going strong and is here to stay!

Laadli by AR Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar

When music and poetry come together, the lyrics make so much sense! Plus, when it’s AR Rahman, you know it’s going to be magical. Very traditional and beautifully worded, just the perfect entry song for bride that you could have asked for!

Jogi (Female Version)

Sweet, simple and soulful , this track is totally on point for the romantic brides who want an effortles entry.

Lae Dooba

This bridal entry song is super apt to let the world know how much you’re smitten by him! It’s fresh and haven’t been used before for an entry sequence! So if you’re looking for something not done to death, then go for it!!!

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Female)

This one is a must on list of bridal entry songs! We all have listened to it on loop when it was new and we’re still not ever it! Ideal for a bride who is extremely romantic at heart!

Do comment below and tell us which songs you entered on or thinking of entering on? Or if there’s another entry song for brides that you can think of!

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