Skills required for event management

Knowing what’s involved is essential, but managing and delivering an event efficiently and successfully requires a considerable range of skills. Non-negotiable skills you need to establish a successful future in event management include (but certainly aren’t limited to)…

An eye for detail – in events, the devil is indeed in the detail and every detail matters! This includes keeping track of all details required to do your own work efficiently, whilst also enabling other people to understand exactly what’s required of them – and when!
Organisation – building on the ability to do the right thing at the right time, organisation includes having the capability to organise others, as well as your own tasks and schedules.
Creativity – creativity isn’t only important for designing the ‘look and feel’ of every event, but also in coming up with solutions to the inevitable problems.
Planning and rehearsal – plan, plan, plan…rehearse, rehearse and rehearse.
Multitasking – one minute you may be booking a circus act, the next talking to the CEO of a global company – the event planner role is a minefield of multitasking.
Budgeting – from managing excel spreadsheets and having a clear view of spending to negotiating affordable prices, effective budget management is a skill for success in event management.
Team player – working with or managing a team is an essential skill – without successful teamwork, no event can deliver, or be delivered, effectively.
People skills – with every event relying on a diverse group of people, your ability to inspire, relate to and communicate with anyone (from clients to caterers and crew) is crucial.

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