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Silent Disco Party

Silent Disco is a new trend in the entertainment world introduced after the government regulation to close all loud music and disco after 11 pm in the night. This new regulation of the government made the entire nightlife of the disco a kind of boring by putting this new hurdle of loud volume ban. But with the help of this new intervened technology Silent Headphones people find a solution for continuing the mid night fun and parties in the disco without breaking the government rules and in a legal way.

The law Applied by the government says “You can’t create any kind of loud music after 11 in the night but you can open the disco all night if your music isn’t loud”. Here’s what SILENT DISCO HEADPHONES by One Events plays a vital role in keeping that night fun of disco in its full blossom.

One Events understands the need of the hour and thus accordingly presents you with its new product Silent Party Headphones. It consists of 2 machines i.e. a wireless stereo headphone and a small music broadcaster. Silent party headphones enables you to enjoy and have all the fun you want in the loud music of disco without interrupting or breaking the government rules. These silent party headphones are perfectly comfortable and tight enough to make a barrier between the outside sound and music played on the 3 Channel Silent Disco Headphones.

Silent Disco Headphones Receiver

Our provided Silent Disco Headphones are ISO certified and comes up with the sound reduction system and also have active noise enhancer. We provide a small unit of music transmission system based on UHF frequency through which the music played on Disco is transmitted with its complete tone and beat details and the headphones starts receiving it on stereo speaker. The system transmits music up to a range of 100 meters and thus anyone within the area with our provided compatible headphones can hear and enjoy the music at its full.

Hire One Events’s high in demand, best Silent Disco Headphones Rental, and do the silent disco all night!

We offer high-quality Silent Disco Headphones Wireless Transmitter that will allow your Silent Disco Equipment Hire without any interruption.

Video Demo of the headphones and transmitter

Key Features of Our Silent Disco Headphones:
  • Professional Wireless Headphones For Silent Disco with 865Mhz/867Mhz(Free Band), specific channels optional.
  • Transmits audio signals about 300M, through ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Active noise reduction system for crystal clear sound.
  • Advanced 40mm speaker for outstanding sound performance.
  • Double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability.
  • Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection, conserve battery life.
  • Funky flashlights gently pulse on as you pump the tunes up.
  • Big channel-indicating logo light, you can see the channel difference by logo color.
  • Multiple colors available for option.
  • Endless silent disco headphones can be used simultaneously with one transmitter.
  • Rent or Buy silent disco headphones from One Events and let your party animal out.

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