Networking in the Events Industry

It is absolutely crucial for all Event Managers to build a solid and ongoing network of suppliers and contacts. For some this is a natural process and they do it without even trying and have been doing it throughout their personal and professional lives. For others this is an activity that they have to teach themselves to undertake and is an uneasy means to an end.

Whatever your circumstances the value of having a network is absolutely key to being a successful Event Manager. We teach our Event Management Students from the very start of their course that they need to network with their class and their lecturers (who are all live event organisers) and they can expand from there.

It is simple. Say you are organising an event and at the last minute your marquee company lets you down – nightmare! You can use your network to create a solution to this problem – you may already know of another good marquee company or one of your contacts may know of a good supplier. You can be very sure that your client will want you, as their Event Manager, to present to them a solution to a problem rather than just the problem itself!

Therefore having a network absolutely makes you a better and more successful Event Manager. It is always important to remember that the Events world is a small world and to have a reputation as an excellent problem solver will go a long way!


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