Intimate Wedding Ideas – Learn How To Host Small Weddings During Pandemic

Now that the lockdown is lifting up and the outside conditions are becoming a little bit safer than a month or two ago, our life seems to be starting again now. While a lot of people a now looking for jobs or getting admission to colleges, some are finally fulfilling their dream of getting married.

If you are also thinking of tying the knot soon then you must be looking for ways to organize an intimate wedding with close family and friends in order to maintain the guidelines of social gatherings at a wedding.

So, if you are looking for ways to host a small wedding then you can refer to this blog. It will tell you everything you need to know about hosting a wedding.

  1. Guestlist

The first thing that you need to do is create a guest list. Now, this is the right time to be picky. Even though it’s hard not to invite everyone you know or care about to the wedding, you should also understand that it’s still not fully safe out there due to pandemic situations. So, it’s better to invite those living nearby or not from very far like a different state or a country. Try to keep the list small and invite close friends and family members.

  1. Venues

Now the important thing to remember is that even though a gathering is small, you need to find a suitable venue or else your efforts will be wasted if you get a venue that is small and people are very close to each other. You can opt for open places and farmhouses so that you have plenty of moving space and you can easily spread people to avoid a group of people standing in one place.

  1. Safety

The other most important thing is safety and sanitization. You can install sanitizers all around the wedding venue and make sure that everyone is standing atleast 6 feet apart from each other. Also, you can scan the guests during entry to avoid any the entry of any sick person who might be carrying the virus. Also, make sure that every guest is wearing a mask at all times.

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  1. Being Cautious

Hosting a small wedding is just like hosting a big wedding. The only difference can be in the venues, the number of guests, and the way people greet each other (before it was hugs and kisses, now it’s either ‘hello’ or ‘namaste’). So, all you can do to successfully host an intimate wedding by being cautious and making sure that you follow COVID guidelines and keep yourself and everyone else around you safe.

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