8 Tips For Dealing With Wedding Planning Nightmares

Weddings can be tough to manage and that is why wedding planners are hired rather than do everything yourselves. The job comes with endless responsibilities like booking vendors, making sure the decor looks great, and a lot more. And this can even lead to wedding planners getting overwhelmed.

And if you are a wedding planner too who is looking for a way to deal with all the wedding planning nightmares, then not to worry as that’s exactly what we at One Events are here to do.

So here are 8 tips through which you’ll be able to have a smooth sailing experience while planning every wedding from now on.

Plan For Every Weather
As a wedding planner, it is essential for you to think ahead of time and map out each and every possibility. And most importantly, you should have plans b, c, and so on for all the weather conditions imaginable.

Never Overspend
One of the most important duties of a wedding planner is to never go over budget. Hence whatever you do, never exceed the expenditure limit that we earlier decided with the client.

Be Ready To Resolve Family Drama
Weddings are affairs where everyone is super emotional, hence seeing some family at such events is not something unusual. However, you need to know how you can control the situation if it starts to get out of hand.

Prepare For When Vendors Don’t Show Up On Time
Planning a wedding is about reaching out to hundreds of vendors, for food, for decor, for flowers. And it is very much possible that a few of those vendors may not show up or at least on time. So always have a backup plan for everything.

Know-How To Fix Damaged Wedding Dresses
It is not uncommon for grooms and especially brides to damage their wedding dresses moments before the wedding. Hence either you or someone in your team needs to know how one can quickly fix those dresses so that the damage is not noticeable to the public.

Keep The Bride & Groom Calm
Since it is one of the biggest days of their lives, it is very natural for the bride and groom to freak out and get nervous at the time of their wedding. So you should always know how you can tackle all these situations. And if you ever come across a nervous bride, then we think we have the perfect guide for that: How To Be A Stress-Free Bride?

Know-How You’ll Manage A Cancelled Or Postponed Event
With this virus around and the government policies that are changing every day, you can never say which events and weddings you might have to cancel or postpone, so always keep the possibility of this happening.

Make Sure You Have A Solid Contract & Insurance
In any case, even if the wedding function goes smoothly, you need to have a solid contract with your clients and also wedding insurance so that if the wedding doesn’t take place due to some issue, you do not lose any of your money.

Hence these were our 8 tips that you should always find helpful in the time of crises. Reach Out To Us for any of your queries and do check out some more of Our Blogs for ideas and inspirations.